SCADA Application Leadership

CygNet’s Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition, or CygNet SCADA, is the flagship application that collects, manages and distributes data via the CygNet Enterprise Operations Platform. As defined, SCADA gathers critical data from field operations to control the distributed assets common in Oil & Gas operations.

Starting in 1995, CygNet pioneered network-centric distributed SCADA architecture. In a testament to the software’s superior longevity, many of the company’s oldest customers continue to run their CygNet SCADA installations today, after numerous upgrades and without downtime or excessive expense. Continuous evolution and testing of our software keeps it flexible and adaptable over decades, extending the horizon of today’s systems.


SCADA Application Leadership

While continuing to maintain our leadership position, CygNet Software is extending the reach of traditional SCADA functionality beyond Operations and across the business enterprise to empower more non-traditional users with real time data insight. Connecting CygNet SCADA to an extended ecosystem of third party network services, best of breed applications, and alliance partnerships to deliver a “whole solution” is key to our corporate mission.

The SCADA marketplace is now entering its third wave of customer requirements and product innovation. As a leading independent software vendor in Oil and Gas, CygNet Software will continue to lead our industry in standardized, packaged SCADA systems.

CygNet SCADA running on CygNet EOP fulfills common SCADA product requirements:

  • Intelligent real-time data acquisition
  • Full support for industry-leading field devices
  • Distributed data processing and management
  • Native historical and archive data storage
  • Template-oriented graphical UI display for operators and controllers
  • Control commands sent to field devices and security
  • Alarm management and event processing
  • Disaster recovery
  • Local redundancy
  • Network-based deployment and security
  • Open, defined interfaces to corporate users and databases
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